Listing is Active Effective 04/27/2018

Sale of Debtor’s 33.33% Membership Interest in One Nation Equities Liberty LLC

The Trustee’s right, title, and interest in the Debtor’s membership interest in One Nation Equities Liberty LLC.  The sale will be on an “as is” and “where is” basis, with no representations, warranties or recourse whatsoever, and subject to higher and better bids.  Sale is subject to Court’s entry of judgment determining that bankruptcy estate holds 33.33% interest in LLC or avoiding Debtor’s alleged transfer of such interest


Diane C. Weil

Method of Sale

Offer Subject to Overbid

Contact Information

Michael G. D’Alba
Phone: (310) 277-0077
FAX:   (310) 277-5735


Case Details

In re: David Saghian
Case No.: 1:16-bk-13077-MT